Welcome to Sarabi Maraj’s official slave and sub training.  This training is for those who seek strict servitude and desire a Ebony BBW Financial Domme.  A quick bit about me:  I’m 27 years old and live in Texas.  I have been studying this lifestyle for a few years now and am very fascinated by many aspects of this way of life.  I have many fetishes which we will get into later, but before that something must be understood.  You have to purchase the password to access training only after you’ve joined my website:  Ebony Cam Goddess.  I have monthly memberships on Ebony Cam Goddess that are affordable for just about anyone.  You may be wondering why I require for you to purchase this training, well the answer is very simple; because everything worthwhile has a price tag attached.  This training is for the weak minded who need guidance.  This training is also for the sub or slave who are still trying to figure out their place in the bdsm world.

Only email me at sarabi@yourwebcamgoddess.com after you’ve purchased a subscription to Ebony Cam Goddess.  The password to access the assignments, manuals, and other important training information costs $50.  It would be wise for you to tribute weekly to show your dedication and devotion to me without me even bringing it to your attention for access to my website.  Since I am a Financial Domme, you will be given a weekly or monthly tribute schedule after we discuss specifics.

Methods of payment:

Giftrocket – can take up to 72 hours to process

Amazon gift card – send to sarabi@yourwebcamgoddess.com

Credit Card Payment – Pay Here

Lindens – second life currency email me to pay this way

Rays – Red Light Center currency email me to pay this way